Saturday, 4 June 2011

Photoblog (I finally figured out how to do this right!)

Met some men staying at the same place we had our in country training in Tamale. They were from Accra, here doing service work for the MTN cellphone company. They were also cocoa farmers who told me the cocoa price they were getting wasn't enough, thus the service work!

Pretty flowers that were growing everywhere in Tamale.

My (extremely) humble roof-less Ministry of Food and Agriculture office in Chereponi.

These are some extremely serious farmers here in Chereponi, in the village of Stambick. They're the definition of early adopters, because of the trusting relationship with their Agriculture Extension Agent (Haruna) they listen and value his advice on farming technology like row planting and composting. When I asked "why do you compost?" the man to my right replied "because we lack resources in our village, and Haruna assured us if we correctly compost we can conserve"!

A little roofing in the house!

This was a farmer group I met in Nandungballa, who were considered to be farmers at risk. These guys border on a river and so they are also fishermen, but there is no Agriculture Extension Agent to support them in their farming, because of the lack of transport nobody can frequently go there. When I interviewed them I discovered that they had the mentality that the ministry of food and agriculture exists to give hand-outs to farmers. Leading me to believe that this may be a good place to test some hypothesis on behavioural change... That is if I can get back there!

My host sister preparing an ingredient called Phonu. I tried to do this, but it was a total fail, she is monster strong!

My host brother preparing Dowa-dowa, I asked to try but was denied.

Picture party!

A glimpse of Chereponi country side.

Bullocks plowing Just outside of Nadungballa!

The river that creates a border between Ghana and Togo. I was not allowed to cross!!


  1. Nice blog bill. Loved the photos... keep them coming. Is it possible to talk on skype/me to call you. We need to do this asap... what ever works for you bro. =)

  2. I loved the photos it is great to see you in Africa with all the people. Hope you are doing ok. Mom said you were sick sorry to hear that hope you are feeling better. Love you

  3. Yo yo yo!
    Dolla dolla Bill!! What fantastic pictures. Hope you're doing well, brotha :)

    God bless and keep in touch.