Monday, 27 June 2011

Photoblog II

These kids love photo time, always ready to dance for the camera.

As I said above.

This boy's name is Yow and I was surprised to find out recently that he's actually about my age. I didn't even believe this for some time, but I forced the family to show me his ID card! Unfortunately because of some disorder he has alot of trouble learning and developing properly, but he's happy as a clam most of the time.

These are all the kids here: Yaaba (back left), Yow (back right), Ako (front left), Andala (front center), and Lie-e (front right)...Then some visitors Micheal and Isaac (sitting in back). Interesting note that Yaaba was given her name because of the day she was born, Yaaba means friday.

Nice group shot, getting tired of the photo shoots though lol.

Hot day during lunch, director (Charles Akongua) sleeping out front.

Large farmer group in Nyambandi, pretty well organized group. Half focusing on livestock and the other half focusing on crops.

This lady really wanted me to snap a photo of her child. Seriously funniest pose possible!

Stuck in the office building during some serious rain in Chereponi (I believe this is when I've gotten my cold, which started a whirlwind of other sicknesses including malaria and stomach parasites).

Chereponi thanks God for the rain, and my body crumbles in the weather!

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